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Telco Support

Residential & SMB Support

Customer service is never having to say “I’m sorry, that’s out of scope”

GMS provides Premium Technical Support services to residential and small business customers on behalf of our Telco clients. Wearing our Telco/ISP Partners “uniform”, we become a seamless part of their technical support infrastructure; resolving all types of hardware and software issues on customers’ PCs, MACs, Tablets and other IP devices attached to their home or business network. Primary services are provided 24/7 and include:

  • Live Online chat support with an average sub 10 second connection rate to a Live Certified (North American) Technician.
  • In Bound Direct Technical support with a minimum service level of ‘80% sub 60’ and +95% First call Resolution rate.
  • Monthly Health Check and System Tune-Up, providing a monthly report showcasing the work performed ‘behind the scenes’ that keeps our customers out of trouble before trouble can begin – free of clutter, secure and performing at their best. Being proactive, we reduce customer issues and call volumes, protect BSP recurring customer revenue and reduce churn.

Concierge Sales Services

Convert customer service calls into revenue

Telco/ISP Technical Support Agents are spending significant time on “unsupported issue “calls with customers that typically end in unsatisfying explanations of why they cannot help these customers with the PC or technical issue at hand. The time spent arriving at this conclusion is lost forever and the next challenge to service is delivering the bad news as quickly and briefly as possible. Rarely the case.

From the customer perspective, the issue is preventing them from enjoying and using the BSP primary service = regardless of who’s equipment, software or ‘fault’ it is. These LOSE-LOSE events happen daily and in volume. ISPs absorb the costs of the time and resources spent and gain nothing in return. The customer loses confidence in the ISP – leaving with the memory that you can’t help, their on their own, and maybe they should look for someone else who does care.