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Educational Support


Instant Learning Support

When it comes to student or end user learning, Global Mentoring provides our clients with instant access to North American resources possessing wide scope and a unique depth of IT skills, software application functionality and business knowledge.

Studies show that a “learner” will require instructional support when

  • They are learning a concept for the first time;
  • When they need to know more about a concept learned;
  • When they forget a concept;
  • When they need to apply the concepts;
  • When they cannot find the answer themselves.


100% North American Based Experts

Our “mentors” or live tutors are always up-to-date with technology and are continually developing new skills and obtaining current industry regulated certifications. They are “hand picked” to support the real world experiences of a student learning about an application for the first time. They are passionate about all things technical and desire to “teach” as well as help.

Our proprietary systems ensure GMS’ rigorous standards for quality support are evident with every interaction, and each mentor is committed to perpetual skills advancement, so you can always be sure you’re getting the most current and knowledgeable support available. All designed to ensure our mentors bring out the best performance in your people.


At GMS we are committed to ensuring your stakeholders succeed in the learning paths and lead to a measurable impact on your business.

Think about this; if you could rely on a 24/7 Live Chat Service which would provide expert answers anytime, anywhere, catering to each students unique needs and convenience. What impact would that have on the success of your program?

24/7 Chat Features

Simultaneous Screen View

A picture will often save a thousand words and make everything crystal clear. Mentors and students can view each other’s desktop, with permission, to clarify concepts, demonstrate features and perform detail walk-throughs.

24/7 Chat Features

Industry Adoption

Through our Partnership with Global Knowledge GMS has supported and continues to support thousands of students through their eLearning endeavours. Global Knowedge has received awards including VMware Global Training Partner of the Year, IBM Global Training Provider of the Year, Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year, Top Quality Cisco Learning Partner in the Americas. All of which equate to a continually growing, mutually beneficial Partnership with GMS.

24/7 Chat Features

Supplemental email Support

More detailed instructions, helpful complimentary materials and illustrations are delivered from our extensive library of teaching aids.

24/7 Chat Features

Supplemental Phone Support

For students struggling to communicate via chat, our experts will initiate live phone dialogues to ensure comfort and comprehension.

24/7 Chat Features

Session Record

Transcript of expert chat sessions are automatically emailed to students for future record.

GMS delivers Outsourced Service Desk support through Reseller Channel Partners. Every engagement is tailored to match your needs and those of your customers.