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Frequently asked Questions

How is GMS different from other outsourced Help Desk providers?

GMS’ help desk is not a contact center operation. Our expertise is in supporting technical products, including applications and hardware, and communicating equally effectively with inexperienced or seasoned end users. We document all support interactions thoroughly, and follow every incident to resolution.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is flexible. We provide our Help Desk services on a monthly subscription basis. You pay us for time spent by our agents communicating with your end users, solving their problems and answering their questions. This is typically done on a “per seat” basis where seat is defined as a user or device, but we can also bill on a “per call” or “per minute” basis.

Where are your agents located?

Our agents are located exclusively in the United States and Canada. The majority of our staff are native English speakers, those who do not speak English as their first language comprise the majority of or bilingual (French and English) team.

Do you provide 24 X 7 support?

Our service can be provided during business hours only or 24 X 7 … your choice.

Do you support communication methods other than phone?

Yes. We support phone, chat and email. Our chat engine is proprietary and designed for those new to chat. It features a unique “call me now” button for end users wishing to switch to voice support.

Do you provide a “white label” service? Please explain.

Our belief is that your corporate and product brands are your most important assets, and our goal is to support both by providing a seamless support experience for your customers. Our agents can identify themselves as being from your company, and our chat user interface can be customized to match the look and feel of your website or branding guidelines.

What happens after we sign an agreement with GMS?

An account manager will be assigned to you. Their job is to make the help desk transition as smooth as possible and transparent to your customer end users. The first step is to train our agents on your product, and determine how each category of support questions will be handled. We will develop a process flow to handle any support tickets that will need to be escalated to your team, ensuring that the end user is kept in the loop at every step. Our development team will brand your chat engine and skill your unique Direct Inward Dial (DID). With your help we will build the initial support KnowledgeBase that our agents will use. After some testing to ensure ticket passing, chats and phone workflows are flawless, we go live!

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